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Sax Wall Hanger…

Now available for sale – SAX WALL HANGER – a means of putting your horn up high and dry, where kids, pets or bandmates can’t knock it over. I’ve used the slat-wall version of this for years, but I now have the FLAT WALL version which will mount to the standard household drywall wall.

Added three mouthpieces…

I stuck ’em in the so-called slider at the top of the homepage, along with the Mauriat Case. Not really what I will be using the slider for…probably end up putting some ‘glamour’ shots there. It’s going to be some weeks before I really get into the swing of things with this new website and […]

Greetings Earthlings!

Know ye all by these presents…this website,, is under development. Please, please don’t try to add anything to a ‘shopping cart’ and order it. You will be doomed to disappointment. No idea when this’ll be fully functional. Yours truly.