Bari and Tenor sax stands for players with bad backs and necks

First off….the formatting on the text here is terrible.  I apologize.  Don’t have the time to fix it.
I get a fair number of inquiries from bari sax and tenor sax players with bad backs and bad necks looking for a stand they can use while playing.
There are some tall tenor sax floor stands that hold the sax at the right height, but the sax is pretty much frozen in one place and it would be awkward and tiring to use.  Like this one:
And there are some bari sax stands to use while seated, but they are pretty awkward as well and pricey:
But there is the Saxrax stand that is more like:
and another photo
I have contacted a local manufacturer to see if they could make a floor peg to use while standing.  We’ll see what we’ll see.
Alternatively, for practicing, I have talked about putting an eyebolt in the ceiling in the player’s home and run a bungee cord down to the sax.  The bungee would support a good portion of the instrument’s weight while still allowing the player the freedom to move and change their posture and position during the playing session.  Could be set up for either standing or seated.