Berg Larsen Mouthpiece Tip Opening Measurements

You know how comedians, like Seinfield and many others, start out their monologues:  “Didja ever wonder….” and then they start some rant?

Didja ever wonder how mouthpiece manufacturers measure tip openings?
I needed to get a bari sax mouthpiece with a lot of projection, but a small tip opening, so I wanted to order a Berg Larsen hard rubber 95-1-M.  But my supplier only carries SMS facings and the smallest tip opening they had was 100 (0.100 inches, a tenth of an inch, 2.54 mm)

So…I go ahead and order a 100-1-SMS.  Not exactly what I wanted, the tip opening is a little too big and I would prefer the “M” facing (longer facing than the SMS), but I don’t want to get all crazy about it.

So a few days later, the mouthpiece arrives.  I measure the tip opening and it is 0.109 inches.  To recap:  I wanted 0.095″, I decided to compromise with a 0.100″, but ultimately I end up with 0.109″

Now, when I measure Babbitt products (Otto Link, Meyer, etc.) I am consistently within one or two thousandths.  But Berg Larsen….not at all.  It is quite a hassle to send things back to my supplier.  I’ll have the player testplay it.  Who knows?

Didja ever wonder why the shank opening of a mouthpiece that goes onto the corked neck is not standardized….?