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1925 Buescher TRUE-TONE Alto Sax

1925 Buescher TrueTone Alto – 183xxx – Pristine

Eighty-nine years old and like new.  No dents or scratches.  I haven’t had a sax in which is more “Museum Quality” than this one. The silver-plate is immaculate everywhere except some wear on the octave lever. All original snap-in (snap-on?) resonators. Comes with original mouthpiece, original ligature, original mouthpiece cap, original lyre (I am guessing), […]

Selmer Mark VI Tenor

Here is a lovely Mark VI Tenor, serial number 65xxx. Aside from the obvious appeal, it has a few features of note: A custom front “F” finger touch. A riser on the LH palm D A little “helper” linkage from the F to F# in the lower stack.  This looks like it might be original […]