Big news…

the building where Doctor Sax Woodwinds is located is slated for demolition.

As a result, I am moving.

Effective now, I have temporarily stopped taking on repairs.

I am packing up my tools and supplies, so I am not currently set up to do repairs.

I am having a moving sale this week (June 6-10, 2017).

I am moving to Stoughton, WI…20 miles south of Madison. I will be setting up a new workshop and I will be taking a little time off. It might be the beginning of August before I start taking in repairs again.

I will change to an “appointment only” basis. I will no longer maintain regular retail hours where I am open. Also…I will no longer be selling reeds and accessories, like cases, stands, swabs etc. I will still be buying and selling saxes and mouthpieces.

I will try to answer questions and fill out-of-town internet orders as quickly as possible, but it is a very busy time and I may be slow in responding to voice mails and e-mails.

Thanks for understanding.