DEG Accubore Clarinet Barrels
DEG Accubore Clarinet BarrelsDEG Accubore Clarinet BarrelsDEG Accubore Clarinet BarrelsDEG Accubore Clarinet BarrelsDEG Accubore Clarinet Barrelsaccubore eddie Daniels

DEG AccuBore Clarinet Tuning Barrels


Machined from aluminum alloy with a distinctive and acoustically beneficial fluted design which provides a stable bore unaffected by temperature or moisture changes.

“The Accubore barrels are made of HP AlumaFlex SY1, a material specially developed for the best transmission of sound, and  black anodized”

“Ribbed Design – Fluted outside design is temperature modulating, eliminating lengthy warm-up time.”

B Series – (For Buffet Clarinets) Measured in Millimeters – B60, B62, B64, B65, B66, B67
M Series – (Moennig Bore [reverse taper], Professional Clarinets) – M64, M65, M66, M67
C Series – (Reverse Taper Bore, For Leblanc, Selmer, and Yamaha Clarinets) – C62, C64, C65, C66, C67
S Series – (For Student & Intermediate Clarinets) – S62, S64 Specially designed for Buffet clarinets, these barrels will add more tonal focus and even intonation to your playing. Comes in 62, 64 and 66mm lengths.


“Dark” Variation => Solid body…no fins.  “Dark heavy wall design has more mass than the original ribbed design. There is more focus and solidity on short tube notes, 12th firmly in tune, brightness and harshness in upper register greatly reduced, response is smooth & even throughout entire range. ”

Barrels also available for “A” clarinets (E.G. MA67D = “Moennig Bore” “Key of A Clarinet” “67mm” “Dark”)

C series also comes in 45mm length for Eb clarinets.

At one point I got in a B64P “Eddie Daniels” Accubore barrel.  Not sure what the “P” stands for.  Anybody?  One internet reference implied that “P” meant Projection.  The last photo is that of the B64P Eddie Daniels.  (It has now been sold, sorry)

I got in another “Eddie Daniels” barrel.  It is marked B65R.  No idea what the “R” stands for.


As of  May 16, 2019, I have the following 11 Accubore barrels available:

1 – S64
1 – C64
1 – C66
1 – C66D
1 – M66X (I don’t know what the “X” signifies)
2 – S66
1 – C67
1 – M67D
1 – M67P – Eddie Daniels Classic
1 – MA67D

These are used or pre-owned or NOS (New-Old Stock) items that I have acquired through a variety of channels.  Some may have cosmetic imperfections.  As such, I am selling these as-is, no returns.

The price is $80 each.  Shipping via USPS Priority Mail is $7.50 (within the Continental USA).

Jan. 13, 2015 – I think I have the shopping cart fixed so that it will add the shipping cost, but I haven’t figured out how to let you specify which barrel you want….please contact me to order.  I can e-mail you a PayPal invoice.

March 4, 2015 – FYI – I grabbed 6 Accubore barrels (the Eddie Daniels and 5 others) and measured the bottom receiver with my digital calipers.  These are the measurements:

The point being, yes, there is some variation.