Brilhart 3-Band Ligature for Brilhart Baritone Sax Mouthpiece


Right up front….is this really a Brilhart ligature?  I don’t know for sure, but that is my belief.  It is a nice, 3-band ligature.  There is practically no question as to this OTHER LIGATURE is a Brilhart ligature, as well as this Brilhart LIGATURE.  But  I am not certain about the ligature pictured for sale on this webpage.

And… when I first received it, I thought it was a HR TENOR ligature, but it is too big for an Otto Link HR tenor mouthpiece.  So…I have included some photos of this ligature on Brilhart Ebolin BARI mouthpiece.  NOTE: This mouthpiece is not included…this webpage is selling just the ligature by itself.  If you are interested in the mouthpiece, it is HERE.

It can be surprisingly difficult to find a good-fitting ligature.  When I had my storefront in Madison, admidst all the ligatures I had, I had around 50 different Rovner ligatures just to try tomake sure I had a ligature that would fit any and all the mouthpieces I am selling.  It was at times infuriating to find a ligature to fit certain mouthpieces.  I used to stock hundreds of ligatures…literally…and despite this it was sometimes not possible to find a good-fitting ligature.  These days I am largely just selling off ligatures and other accessories that I already have in stock and I have given up trying to stock all ligatures.

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