Berg Larsen Metal 95-1 Tenor Sax Extended Shank Mpc.


At slightly under 5 inches in length this Berg Larsen Stainless Steel tenor sax mouthpiece measures around 1/2 inch longer than normal.  A stainless steel extension was welded onto the shank.  This was used by a local player on his Buescher Top Hat and Cane tenor for 5 years.  The extra length allowed him to pull out far enough to play in tune.  He has subsequently moved to another tenor, so this mouthpiece…and his THC tenor…are for sale.

Stamped with “95”, I measure it at 0.090″  Facing length measures 24mm.  The baffle designation (0,1,2 or 3) was lost when the extension was put on.

The last two photos show this mouthpiece alongside a normal Berg Larsen metal tenor mouthpiece.  Just the longer of the two is the one for sale.

Shipping is an additional cost.  I typically ship mouthpieces via USPS Priority Flat-rate small package.

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