Berg Larsen Metal Baritone Sax Mouthpiece 110-1-M


SOLD – July 2019

These metal Bergs are the most popular, reliably powerful mouthpieces for the bari sax.  There are others:  Dukoffs, Ponzols and the like.  But Berg Larsen mouthpieces are in the forefront.

This mouthpiece has some tooth wear to the bite plate, and some staining on the reed table, but it has its original facing.

The mouthpiece is marked 110-1-M.  I measure the tip opening at 0.106 inches and the “M” facing length is a longer facing, which allows for more of the reed to vibrate.  The “1” baffle is the next to the highest, giving this mouthpiece plenty of punch and projection.

Comes with ligature and cap as shown.

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