Berg Larsen “Vintage” Stainless Steel Tenor Sax Mouthpiece 120-2-M-V


SOLD – OCT. 2019

While this Berg Larsen “Vintage Series” mouthpiece is marked 120, I nonetheless measure the tip opening at 0.113″  Facing Length – 27mm.

This a “Vintage Series” Berg.  Their website says:  “Yes, it’s back! The very first Berg Larsen Metal mouthpiece for Tenor Sax, in it’s entire originality in shape and sound, Berg Larsen “VINTAGE” from early 50’s.  Gato Barbieri, Pete Christlieb, Jay Corre, Bobby Keys, legendary Lenny Pickett, and Sonny Rollins. Those are just some of the names who made it to the very top with top mouthpieces; with Berg Larsen Mouthpieces.”

The mouthpiece did not have a bite plate on it when I received it…this may explain why the mouthpiece is in such good condition…it may not have been played because the bite plate fell off.  I had an authentic replacement Berg Larsen hard rubber bite plate which I installed on the mouthpiece.

The baffle is designated at “2” which is in the midrange…not crazy bright ; full, but not tubby.

You’ll be hard pressed to find one of these new at under $400.  This one is $250 plus shipping.  I ship via USPS Priority mail, insured.  This website does not always calculate shipping cost correctly.  I reserve the right to correct the shipping cost.

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