Gregory “Simpson” – Flare Chamber – Hollywood – Tenor Sax Mouthpiece


SOLD – January 2019

Here  is a “Simpson” Hollywood mouthpiece.  I had never seen one before  The name Gregory does not appear anywhere on the mouthpiece, this is perhaps due to the fact this is ostensibly a Rico product.  Check out the Stuff Sax WEBSITE for info about relationship between Gregory and Rico.  The mouthpiece has serial number 1202 imprinted and on the opposite side it has an “O”.  I don’t know what the “O” means…Open?

The Theo Wanne WEBSITE has info on Gregory mouthpiece.  The Wanne website indicates this mouthpiece was made 1942 – 1945.  And just to put it into context, I’ll remind you…World War II ended in 1945.

I measure the tip opening at 0.080.  The tip also seemed quite thin, which might limit the possibilities of opening it up to a larger tip opening.  The interior sidewalls are scooped out and there is a slight rollover behind the tip.

The very tip has a few little chips, but they do not compromise the tip rail.  There is a tooth groove on the beak as shown in the photo.  And there are some scratches inside the chamber, behind the tip.

You can see the pattern of a 3-band ligature where there was some fading where the ligature did not cover the mouthpiece.

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