“Master” by Gregory – Hollywood – Tenor Sax Mpc. – 0.105″ – Brian Powell


SOLD – October, 2019

This is a great tenor saxophone mouthpiece.

I sent it off to Brian Powell and a little over 3 months later (!) he returned this great mouthpiece.

It originally had a 0.083″ tip opening and he opened it up to 0.105″.  The second character of the facing designation,  5?M, had the middle character obliterated.  The mouthpiece had a pickup port (also known as a hole) drilled into it, which Brian filled, restoring the mouthpiece be all that it was originally intended by Gregory..  There are multiple photos below detailing the work.

The mouthpiece has an elegant u-shaped (see the photos) rollover baffle and a cavernous chamber wherein the interior sidewalls are deeply scooped out.  The combination of these two things gives a full sound with plenty of projection.

The flush metal band on the shank is original from the factory.  The beak shows no wear.

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