Mouthpiece Cafe “Grande Supreme” 7* Bari Sax Mouthpiece


This is a Cafe Mouthpiece “Grande Supreme” Bari Sax mouthpiece with the 7* facing.  The tip opening is 0.115 inches (2.92mm)

These are patterned after the vintage “Slant Signature” Otto Links with a nice rollover baffle behind the mouthpiece tip.  Heavily scooped interior sidewalls.

Excellent playing mouthpieces, producing a large, solid core sound with enough edge to cut through.

This one is in great, like-new condition.

I am selling it at the same price as the Mouthpiece Cafe website, except instead of having a 3 month lead time (as of this writing), this one is available right now.  May 8, 2017…I contacted Mouthpiece Cafe today…there is still a 3-month lead time on these Grande bari mouthpieces.

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This price does not include a ligature, cap or shipping.

In stock