Otto Link Super Tone Master – NY – Tenor Mouthpiece – 8


This Otto Link Super Tone Master (STM)  Tenor Sax Mouthpiece is in great condition.  Side and tip rails are without flaw, bite patch has no tooth wear.  This is the “NY” model with larger body and chamber than the standard STM.  It has a high short baffle behind the tip.  Nice balance of core tenor sound with enough edge to project.

This mouthpiece is an “8” facing.  I measure the tip opening to be 0.105″.  The facing length is 23mm.

The plastic cap has a crack (pictured).

The shipping calculator on this website is squirrely sometimes.  I ship via USPS Priority Flat-rate Small package which is $7.50 plus a few dollars for shipping insurance.  If  the shopping cart comes up with a different amount, we can manually fix it.