Selmer Scroll Shank Bari Sax Mouthpiece


SOLD – December 2018

This is a later Mark VI era Selmer Paris hard rubber baritone saxophone mouthpiece, with original cap and ligature.
This scroll-shank mouthpiece has a long shank and it is sometimes referred to as “Soloist Style” since it is not explicitly marked “Soloist”.

Excellent condition, no cracks, no tooth marks, no discoloration. Looks great, plays great.

This mouthpiece came new with a 1972 Selmer Mark VI baritone. It was refaced in May, 2016 by Erik Greiffenhagen of “The Mouthpiece Guys.”  Greiffenhagen is the “go to” guy for bari sax mouthpiece refacing. He is arguably the best and most consistent mouthpiece technician.  He did excellent work on this mouthpiece.

Originally a C* facing, it has been opened to a .115″ tip by Erik. The .115″ tip is comparable to an Otto Link 7 star tip, or a Lawton 7, Dukoff 7, or between a Selmer H and Selmer I facing

Marked “eg” on the back of the shank (Erik Greiffenhagen), marked .115″ on the shank below the facing

Erik Greiffenhagen maintained the original baffle profile from Selmer. The mouthpiece is easy to play and very versatile.  It can take months to get a mouthpiece refaced, but this one is ready to go today.

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