Clarinet Wall Hanger
Clarinet Wall HangerClarinet Wall HangerClarinet Wall Hanger

Clarinet Wall Hanger for Residential Flat Wall


These clarinet wall hangers mount on a regular sheet rock/dry wall.  You would want to position it over a stud so that the screws would tie into a stud.  Failing that, you should use sheet rock anchors.

They can also mount easily on a wooden wall.  It would be more challenging to mount on a brick or concrete wall.

The little “donut” at the above the conical part of the stand slides up or down to stabilize the clarinet.

The first two photos below show the clarinet hangers I use at the shop.  They mount on SLAT wall, as seen.

The photo to the left (same as the last photo below) shows the FLAT wall mount.  These are the same except for the mounting bracket.