Connstellation 28m Key Gaurd
Connstellation 28m Key GaurdConnstellation 28m Key GaurdConnstellation 28m Key GaurdConnstellation 28m Key GaurdConnstellation 28m Key GaurdConnstellation 28m Key GaurdConnstellation 28m Key GaurdConnstellation 28m Key GaurdConnstellation 28m Key GaurdConnstellation 28m Key Gaurd

Conn Connstellation 28M Alto Saxophone Reproduction Keyguard



I am not a professional photographer and I found it difficult to photograph the keyguard because it is both shiny and transparent.  But I did my best to show the engraving.  The engraving features a leaf pattern and three guys marching.

The original factory keyguards had a gold-colored water slide decal design applied to them. The modern reproductions for sale here have a laser-engraved design.  Here’s some photos of some original, factory 28M keyguards.

If you are interested in buying one of these reproduction Conn Keyguards, drop me a line.

HERE is a discussion thread on SOTW.  They mention the material as “Lucite”.  These new reproduction keyguards are made of polycarbonate.

As you can gather, the keyguards do NOT come with the screwholes predrilled. There is enough variation in the mounting posts that it works out best to drill (or melt, as discussed in the SoTW thread) the holes to match the posts.  For many if not most players, this means having a repair technician install the guards.

And here is the LINK to the index for 3 PDF’s for the keyguard patent.

Note to self: The keyguard posts take 4-40 screws.

I have heard some discussion and seen some photos of some 28M’s that were made for the U.S. military which had a simple wire keyguard which mounted on the body at three points (vs. the 6 mounting posts for the clear plastic keyguards).
The simple wire guard looks something like THIS.

If you don’t have the original case, it can be a challenge to find a case that doesn’t put undue pressure on the plastic keyguard.

And while I am at it, you can contrast the reproduction keyguards with this Awesome custom 28M keyguard.

The price is $135 plus shipping.  I ship via USPS Priority mail.  These are too large for the small, flat-rate USPS priority boxes, so the shipping charge is $11.  I don’t think I can get my website to charge the correct shipping amount, so I would prefer it if you contact me and have me e-mail you a PayPal invoice instead of using the “shopping cart” thingie on this webpage.  I’ve gone so far as to tell the webpage that this is “out of stock”, even though as of this writing, Mar. 24, 2018, I do have one.  This is to prevent you from putting it in your shopping cart and having the wrong shipping cost show up.  Just drop me a line to see whether I actually have one or not.  I realize a lot of people won’t even read this.  I probably wouldn’t

If you don’t want to do PayPal, we can do credit card over the phone.  But the PayPal invoice I e-mail you will also allow you to use your credit card.



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