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Pickup portPickup portPickup portPickup portPickup portPickup port

PickUp Ports




Here’s my old webpage for these pickup ports.  These are the same items, but I am moving them over to this webpage so that you can use the “shopping cart” to order them.

Here is a webpage showing me install one.

These work with the Pickup and Cord seen here. 

Made from brass stock for me by a local machinist.
Comes with an rubber o-ring in the port.

Can be installed in sax neck or a mouthpiece or clarinet barrel.
More traditionally, you will see the Selmer Varitone pickups and others installed by drilling a hole in your sax neck.
Well…most people hesitate before they drill a hole in their neck. You can just find a playable, inexpensive mouthpiece and drill a hole there and install the port.  The tricky part then becomes how to run the cord.

The Plug is used when you don’t have the pickup in place.

If you’ve got the time, you can listen to Eddie Harris use a pickup and EFX (effects) box here.

If you are outside the U.S. contact me directly to calculate shipping cost.

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