Berg Larsen Ebonite Alto Sax Mouthpiece. 130-0-M. Offset M.


SOLD – March 2019

This Berg Larsen hard rubber mouthpiece has a 0.130″ tip opening marked on it, and I measure the tip opening to truly be 0.130″.  That is a really large tip opening for alto.  A lot of players don’t even play 0.130″ tip openings.  The high (0) baffle seems to make it easier to play, as does the longer facing (M).  I measure the facing length at 24mm.

Comes with an old, but serviceable Rovner ligature and a plastic cap.

I don’t see a lot of players using Berg mouthpieces on alto sax, but the ones that do, especially this one, Zowie, what a powerful sound!  Not as bright as a Ponzol metal or an ARB Bellite…I think the bullet cutout in the baffle helps a lot.

HERE are some other really nice mouthpieces I got in at the same time.


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