Berg Larsen Ebonite Bari Sax Mouthpiece – 0.120″ Tip Opening


SOLD – April 2019

No, that’s not a typo…though this hard rubber Berg Larsen bari sax mouthpiece has the factory marking of 130 – M – 3 ,  I sent it to Brian Powell (The Mouthpiece Guys) who took it down to a tip opening of 0.120″ and did other work to make this a superior playing Berg bari mouthpiece.

The “M”  in the facing designation imprinted on the mouthpiece is difficult to see, but it is there.

I paraphrase here his notes on the refacing he did on this mouthpiece:

“I started by flattening the table, which also reduced the tip opening. The tip
opening is now 0.120” with a 30mm facing curve length, and restructured
the curve to play more efficiently and evenly over the entire range of the
horn. I reshaped the tip and tip rail to properly fit a reed…and made sure the side rails are even and reasonably thin for best response.”

I also asked him to chamfer the side rails slightly.  He did, saying that doing so: “helps airflow by having no sharp edges to break up the airstream going into the mouthpiece.  Finishing technique that Ralph [Morgan] taught.

The #3 baffle has enough meat to it to increase projection without losing the essential dark, fulsome core sound of the Bari Sax.

There is minor tooth wear to the beak, but I was not able to get it to show up in a photograph.

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