Meyer New York Alto Sax Mouthpiece – 9-M-S



Meyer New York alto sax mouthpiece.  Hard rubber.

Excellent condition.

Facing is marked as 9-M-S:
I measure the “9” tip opening at 0.095″.
“M” – Medium facing.  I measure the facing length at 21mm.
“S” – Small chamber.

Large tip opening and small chamber results in a huge sound, with lots of projection.  A soloist’s mouthpiece for a full-time alto player.

My research leads me to believe that this is a later New York Meyer, but before the Babbitt buyout of Meyer.

All the photos were taken at the same time, some were taken under incandescent light.  Others were taken under LED light.  These latter ones, with the brighter blue background have the more accurate color.  I am still in the process of setting up my new workshop.

HERE are some other really nice mouthpieces that I got in at the same time.

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