Otto Link STM (Super Tone Master) 9* Tenor Sax Mpc. – Early Babbitt


SOLD – Sept. 2018

Otto Link STM (Super Tone Master) Tenor Sax Mouthpiece.   I call it Early Babbitt because it has the quote marks around the word “SUPER”, the tip is narrow (18mm), the body is 100mm long. and the box has “2201 Industrial Parkway” on it.

It is an excellent condition gold-plated brass mouthpiece.  9* facing.  I measure the tip opening at 0.120″ and the facing length at 24mm.  The 9* facing is difficult to find.  Enables the player the full range of dynamic expression if they can handle the tip opening.  A big tip opening for a big, big sound. Large chamber with scooped out interior sidewalls results in a complex, full sound.

Excellent condition.  Original facing and chamber.

Comes with factory ligature and cap.

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