Otto Link “Super” Tone Master – Florida – 9* Bari Sax Mouthpiece


SOLD – Dec. 2018

This is an older Otto Link “Super” Tone Master Baritone Saxophone 9*.

It has the word “Super” in quotes.  It does NOT have the USA stamp on it.  That makes it a Florida Link which came after the Double Ring mouthpieces.

The plating has some pitting.  The gold plating has largely been worn down to the underlaying plating which is silvery in color…very typical for a mouthpiece of this vintage.

This is a short shank Otto Link bari mouthpiece.  The mouthpiece measures 4.7 inches (119.7mm) from tip to shank.  I wish I had a measurement on this Florida Bari Link STM I sold a while back.

This mouthpiece has its original 9* facing.  I measure the tip opening at 0.135 inches.  Probably goes with saying…that is a big tip opening.   You’ll be hard-pressed to find a Florida STM with a tip opening this large.   Not sure you’ll want to play it with anything stiffer than a 2.5 reed.

It’s got a higher baffle and slightly smaller chamber so it’s got a lot projection with lots of mids in the sound.  Possibly the most powerful bari STM you’ll ever play.  You can truly make it bark.

This mouthpiece comes with the ligature and cap pictured.  The cap is marked “France”, so it is not original.  But it fits well with the ligature, such that the tip of the mouthpiece does not bang against the end of the cap when the ligature is in place on the mouthpiece.

Please contact me if you want to buy this mouthpiece.  The website won’t calculate the shipping properly with shipping insurance.  I usually ship  via USPS priority.  Once we have the money straight, I will e-mail you a PayPal invoice.





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