Rousseau Metal Jazz Alto Sax Mouthpiece – 8

$300.00 $229.00

Eugene Rouseau metal (gold-plated brass) Jazz alto sax mouthpiece.

Facing – 8.  I measure tip opening at 0.084″ and the facing length at 21mm.

The mouthpiece has a rollover baffle and a squeeze chamber.  This is apparent if you spend time with the photographs.

This mouthpiece is in very good condition.  There is one straight scratch halfway down the reed table.  Most easily seen in THIS PHOTO.  I cannot feel it with my finger or fingernail.  I call it a minor cosmetic flaw.  There is also some very minor spotting in the finish which is difficult to see.  If you enlarge THIS PHOTO you might be able to see it.  The price has been adjusted to reflect these minor cosmetic issues.

Professor Rousseau designed an excellent lead alto soloist mouthpiece.

HERE are some other really nice mouthpieces I got in at the same time.

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