Bundy bari sax neck
Bundy bari sax neckBundy bari sax neckBundy bari sax neckBundy bari sax neckBundy bari sax neckBundy bari sax neckBuescher Bundy Bari necks

Bundy Baritone Sax Neck


The Outside Diameter of the tenon of this Bundy bari neck is about 21.8 mm or about 0.86 inches. Tenon length is about 19.6 mm.

This Bundy Bari neck would be a good replacement for a Selmer USA Bari Sax serial number 1206xxx.
The Selmer USA Bari has bell keys on the back of the bell and a Buescher-style lefthand pinkie cluster.
Neck tenon size is a good fit, both at around 21.8 or 21.9 mm O.D. and 19.6 mm length.
The octave key mates with the octave mechanism and the octave vent is in the same position.

This Bundy neck is also a good replacement for a Selmer Signet Low A Bari (875xxx) sax.

This neck also  worked well on a Buescher “400” bari.  You can see in the last photo how the Buescher 400 neck apparently got long over time.  The Bundy neck tenon fits into the Buescher “400” receiver quite snugly and the octave key lines up with the bridge linkage of the octave mechanism.

I have encountered a number of players of Buescher “400” baris who have needed to pull their mouthpiece to the end of the neck to play in tune.  In fact, some have resorted to adding extensions to either the neck or the mouthpiece.  The longer modern Bundy neck addresses this problem.  Insofar as differences in the neck taper…As long as the neck tenon fits in the receiver and the corked end of the neck fits into the mouthpiece, it would be hard to not change the taper of the neck.  Yes?

This neck does not work on a Conn 12M.  I happened to have a Conn 12M bari on my workbench.
The Bundy neck tenon is quite a bit too small for the Conn.
The Conn 12M (s/n C840xx) neck tenon has O.D. of about 24.7 mm, I.D. of 22.2 and a tenon length of 21.4

If you want to purchase this neck and have it shipped to you, please contact me and I will e-mail you a PayPal invoice (or we can do credit card over the phone)

I also have a Jupiter bari sax neck, which is a good replacement for a Selmer Paris bari sax.  Check out the WEBPAGE HERE.