Holton C-Melody Sax Neck



Excellent condition.  Not bent down. Neck only.

This neck comes from a Holton C-Melody serial number 13351.  The horn is engraved with Elkhorn, Wis.  The case also has an emblem showing Elkhorn. This came from a Rudy Wiedoeft style C-Melody with the extra trill keys.  It does not, however, say “Rudy Wiedoeft” anywhere on the sax.  I am having trouble placing the date of manufacture using the serial number lists I found on the internet.

I hand polished the neck and recorked it.

O.D. = approx. 24.78mm
Length = 20.4mm

If you are interested in parts off of the sax body or the entire sax body, please let me know.

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