Wall Hanger - Redesigned
Wall Hanger - RedesignedWall Hanger - RedesignedWall Hanger - RedesignedWall Hanger - RedesignedWall Hanger - RedesignedWall Hanger - RedesignedWall Hanger - Redesigned

Saxophone Wall Hangers



And here are the redesigned wall hangers saxophones.  Adjustable for alto or tenor sax.

Saxophone wall hangers are a must have for saxplayers who have little kids, clumsy teenagers, pets or drunken house guests.  There is not a floor stand made that can’t be knocked over.

The old hangers SHOWN HERE worked well, but the upper “U” arm was welded to the diagonal straight brace.  Now, both the upper and lower “U” arms slide and adjust on the diagonal brace.  This allows them to be fully adjustable.  I still have 3 or 4 of them if you prefer the old style.  The new ones pack smaller for shipping.

The set screws for the “U” arms are located so that the arms can be adjusted after the base has been mounted on the wall…uses a flat-head screwdriver.

These hangers are to be mounted on residential flat wall.  Most of the ones you see for sale are designed to be mounted on the SLAT wall seen in retail stores.  The base of these flat wall hangers is held to the wall by two screws.  The base can be mounted to the wooden stud under a drywall/sheetrock wall.  If not screwed to a stud, you will need to use drywall anchors.  The hangers screw directly to wood walls.  If the wall is stone or concrete, you will need to install expansion anchors for the screws.

Each hanger comes with two screws and two drywall anchors.

The “U” arms are padded.  The color of these hangers is black.