Buffet R13 Clarinet – 1959



This is a lovely Buffet R13 Clarinet.  The serial number is 593xx.

It is in very good condition.  The wood is great.  No cracks, splits, chips or any other flaws are apparent.

It has what appears to be an older repad with very little play time on it.  The pads and corks are clean with no water staining or yellowing.  That said, it does not look like a professional repad.  The instrument plays, but the pads are not sealing well.  This clarinet is priced accordingly.

If/when I have an opportunity, I will repad it and adjust the price to about double what it is listed as now.  The sad reality is that it with my repair workload the way it is currently, it would be more than two months out before I would get to it.   This is a great way to get a professional R13.

Comes with the older Selmer HS** (marked on the table in an oval) mouthpiece which has some nicks in the side rails.

Also comes with the case as seen in the photos.

Shipping not included in the price.

Contact me directly if you want to buy.  Do not use the shopping cart.

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