Holton “Professional” Trumpet

This Holton “Professional” Trumpet has been sold.

The first two guys to look at this trumpet here at the shop asked, “Is that a Bb Trumpet?”

Yes it is and it is simply a real gas to play.

This is a Roaring Twenties narrow wrap stylized thin and long design.  Most of those horns were “pea-shooters” (very small bore) but this one is a .462 which is the normal ML bore size of most modern trumpets (as in the past 60 odd years).   It has the pre-set feature for tuning slide pull with the sliding sleeve over a rod and a clamp from the side over that sleeve.

It also has neat third slide ring which can go in the normal position on top of the third slide tubing or underneath.  Given the narrow wrap one’s hand might prefer the lower position – some of the “Vocabell” Conns (REAL stylemongers with octagonal valve casings, a tight wrap, and a rimless bell) also had a bottom mounted ring.  HERE it is in the upper position.  And HERE it is in the lower.

It also has a reversed main tuning slide with the male portion being the leadpipe and the socket tubing being part of the upper leg of the tuning slide.  This configuration is an option on most major high end trumpet lines (Bach, Schilke, Yamaha, et al).  It allows for a longer and cleaner interior for the leadpipe.  The pistons are bottom sprung.

This horn is a very old relacquer.

The interior is clean and there are no signs of internal corrosion (red rot).
The valves have excellent compression and plating. Alignment is spot on.

Comes with a Tottle mouthpiece (3 photos) and the vintage, customized case.

At this price, it won’t be available for long.