Olds “Super Star” Trumpet – 1977




A gorgeous F.E. Olds SUPER STAR trumpet.  Serial Number –  836496.  Manufactured in 1978.

This horn has a one-piece seamless bell and a unique valve arrangement.  To quote from the advertisement:THE SUPERSTAR SETS YOUR SOUND STRAIGHT.  In other trumpets, the air column winds its way around several angles of resistance, so the blowing gets round.  The Superstar’s new Straight Through Design lets the air flow straight through the valves and out the bell.  It makes the Superstar the freeest blowing horn around.”

Excellent playing condition, all slides move freely…very clean.  Silverplate at 99%.

Comes with the pictured case, which has additional blocking for better support which translates to less chance of damage.  A nice horn like this deserves it.  Also comes with the pictured Olds mouthpiece.

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