Buescher 400 “Top Hat & Cane” Tenor Sax -1949



The Buescher Top Hat and Cane is also known as Model 400, serial number 3240xx which puts the years of manufacture at 1949.  It most popularly had an elaborate engraving which included…a top hat and cane.  If you Google up images, you will see examples of the entire engraving which features castles, trees, mountains…overlooking a lake.  A better indicator than “400” of the model is “B-11”  This is stamped on the back of the sax, next to the serial number.

This horn qualifies as a “player’s horn” with many hours of play time under its belt.  The lacquer was pretty well worn off over the decadesw and the horn was chemically stripped and cleaned.  The brass color was lightened up in the process which is reflected in the photos.  That said, it has very few dents and it has been well maintained, most recently at my shop.  As necessity dictated, when I swapped out old pads, I would replace them with black roo pads.  About half the pads are black roo, the rest are brown leather.  I think all the snap-in resonators are there, except for the lefthand palm keys.  All the Norton screw-in springs are present.

The most notable repair…the neck has a seam repair.  I have taken  photos.

This horn has a distinctly robust and full tone.

This horn has a nice Protec ProPac case with a replacement zipper.  The zipper is sluggish.

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