Buffet 400 Alto Sax
Buffet 400 Alto SaxBuffet 400 Alto SaxBuffet 400 Alto SaxBuffet 400 Alto SaxBuffet 400 Alto SaxBuffet 400 Alto SaxBuffet 400 Alto Sax

Buffet 400 Alto




Serial Number – BC1784

This is a beautiful alto sax in great condition
You will find this horn in the $1500 – $1900 price range on the internet.

Rugged construction with high quality fit and finish, it has all the bells and whistles of a top-of-the-line horn.
This horn was made by one of the companies in Taiwan turning out the highest quality made-in-Asia horns.
The quality of this horn places it similarly to the Yamaha and Yanigasawa horns when they were establishing themselves in the market with quality horns.
Great ergonomics and very responsive, with a well-balanced tone.
Double armed low C, B and Bb keys.
Keyed up to Hi F#
Pisoni pads with metal resonators
Adjustment screws to make it easy to “dial the horn in”.
Reinforced spatula bracing
Beautiful lacquer finish with hand engraving from stem to stern…or more appropriately, from neck to the bell flare and also including the key cups, bow and bell rim.

There is an acid bleed under the strap ring.

There’s been one customization…the prior owner did not care for the look of the large “B” on the bell brace, so he cemented a silver dollar over it.
He did a nice job, grinding away a bit of the coin so that it would fit properly.

I forgot to take photos of the case that comes with it…the original fabric-covered, rigid-sided case which is similarly in excellent condition.

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