Concord – Schenkelaars – Keilwerth Tenor


This tenor sax is engraved “CONCORD ARTIST” on the bell.

On the back of the horn, below the right hand thumb hook, it is stamped, “155   2814   MADE IN HOLLAND”  I assume the model is 155 and the serial number is 2814.

The horn has rolled tone holes.  Without spending a lot of time on the internet researching, my inclination is to say the body was made by Keilwerth (Germany), imported into Holland, where the keywork was completed and the horns were padded and set up by Schenkelaars in Holland.

I had another Concord Artist in the shop for sale several years ago.  It was fitted with a pickup in the neck and was an excellent horn.  This one is similarly a great-playing horn.

Original lacquer with 90% coverage or better, with the most notable exception being where one foot of the D#/Eb keyguard was resoldered.  Pads in good condition and sealing well.

The neck receiver at the top of the horn (where the neck is inserted) is a unique design.  It has 4 slits and a tension band which screws down.  Arguably a better design than the ubiquitous, single slit design which is more common.  I was thinking this was a Keilwerth design, but I was not able to Google that up.  Here is a Bassic Sax Blog article.

Comes with an excellent condition ProTec ProPac case which sells for over $150 new.

Hard to find tenor at this price.

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