Conn 12M Baritone Sax -1937



This vintage Conn 12M is almost  too pretty to be believed.  The lacquer is near 100%.  A remarkable clean horn.

“Naked Lady” engraving, rolled toneholes, fingernail file G#.  An American classic.

Serial Number 2795xx… at 78 years old, this must have been refinished at some point, but whoever did the work did a great job…the engraving is is clear and visible, a real professional job.

The pads are clean and have little sign of having been played.  No idea when the repad was done, but this sax is very clean.  Even the case is in near-new condition.

This bar sax comes with the mouthpiece shown.  The box is marked DEG, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin; but the mouthpiece, ligature and cap are stamped “France”.  Maybe it is a generic Riffault mouthpiece?

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