Martin “Committee I” Alto Sax – s/n 125xxx – 1937-38

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This is an excellent condition Martin “Committee I” alto saxophone.  Also called the “Mars Attacks” or “Cityscape” model.

Serial number 125xxx shows it as being made 1937-38.  This horn succeeded the Martin Imperial and was their professional horn of the day.  Some 80 years old, it is in great mechanical shape.

It is a dark-sounding, robust horn, with fast key action.  It has the thick-walled, bevel-topped soldered-in tonehole chimeys.

The left-hand thumbrest and adjustable right-hand thumbhook remain among the most comfortable ever made.

Neck has matching serial number.

This horn also has a special mechanism for flatting the high C# which can be sharp on sopranos and altos.

The lacquer is worn…maybe 60% coverage…let the photos be your guide.  I believe it to be original lacquer and that the horn has not been refinished.  I am using new photo lights…they are LED’s.  In some of the photos it gives the horn a slightly green hue because the light is a lot bluer than incandescent.  I typically don’t like monkeying around with adjust color using software unless the photos don’t look like the instrument at all.  True to course, I simply cropped these photos and oriented them right side up.

The pads are newer…perhaps a year old…with brown nylon resonators.

Comes with a solid, non-descript, rectangular hardshell case.  No mouthpiece or other accessories included.

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