Martin “Handcraft” Baritone Sax – 1935




The serial number of this Martin Baritone Sax is 1113xx.  That puts the year of manufacture as 1935.  This is the same time that the Imperial” model was being made and while this bari would fall into that camp, it does not have the word “Imperial” engraved on the bell.  The decorative engraving is angular and most similar to that of the so-called “Standard” model.  Spend some time on The Martin Story website and see what you think.  This was Martin’s Professional bari sax.

The horn has its original lacquer which has darkened to a deep amber color.  There is a fair number of scratches and dents, which I have tried to detail in the photographs.  You can see HERE where the lyre (sheet music holder) was removed.

This horn has the soldered-in, bevel-topped tonehole chimneys.  These, and the heavy construction of the horn, give it its characteristic dark, commanding tone.

The horn has an alternate forked Eb/D# played with the middle finger of the right hand.  I am pressing it HERE with my thumb.  That pad is at the bottom of the stack instead of a little key on the side opposite the lower stack like many of the horns from the teens and 20’s.

The neck is original and has the matching serial number.

The horn has rivet pads which are in good shape.  It plays well, top to bottom, but it could use a little TLC.

The horn comes with a hard shell case which is in very good condition.

Shipping is an additional cost.

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