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Sax Wall Hanger


Out of stock!  Sorry.

NOTICE:  These Sax Wall Hangers have been redesigned.  Here is the new webpage:

These saxophone “hangers” are adjustable for either alto or tenor sax and they mount to a flat wall.  They are very similar to the hangers I use here at the shop to display horns for sale, but I use the “slat-wall” version.  If you have kids or pets, you are taking a gamble to put your horn on a floor stand.  Now you can hang it up high on the wall.

The hangers on this webpage are black.  I have some other sax hangers that are “vintage distressed brass” finish on this other webpage.  (Oops, effective July 7, 2016, these “vintage distressed brass” hangers are all out of stock).

Some of the photos may make the black hangers look grey, but that is not the case.  They are black.

Effective July 7, 2016, I have just one raw steel hangers with either no finish coating.  I still have a good supply of the steel hangers with a clear coating.  You can see the weld markings.  I thought this would be cool for an industrial decor studio or loft.  No photos yet.

July 2016 – I am now stocking wall hangers for: Flutes ($12) , Clarinets ($16) and Soprano Sax ($20), also some horizontal Trumpet Holders for flat wall..  I only have a couple of each in stock.  I will try to get photos up.  If you want to buy them, drop me a line and I will quote you purchase price and shipping.  I can e-mail you a PayPal invoice or take credit card over the phone.  Thanks.

The Flat Wall hangers mount to a regular wall in your home…sheet rock or wood.

They are adjustable to be used with alto or tenor saxes.  And they will work with with either right-hand or left-hand bell keys horns.  And probably “split bell keys” as well.

I show a couple photos of the slat wall hangers holding either LH or RH bell keys altos.  It would be the same for the flat wall hangers.

If you’ve got kids or pets or rambunctious cohorts, you have probably experienced the terror that comes from having some out-of-control beastie boy careening round about and coming close to knocking over your horn in a floor stand.

Also, you’ve got to wonder about keeping your horn in the case after playing it.  Even if you swab it out there is still moisture in there.  How well to you think it dries out when closed in a case with a wet swab?

These stands come with screws for mounting on wood or drywall.  Probably safest if you can screw it into a wall stud.

You just need a small hex key (Allen wrench) to adjust to fit alto or tenor.

There has been a minor upgrade to these.  The adjustment screws in the old ones had a slot for a flat-bladed screwdriver.  When the hanger is mounted on the wall it was near impossible to to adjust the hanger arms while it was mounted on the wall.  The new adjustment screws have a hex socket…it is a lot easier to get a little hex wrench in there to make adjustments.

I also have clarinet and flute flat wall hangers.  No photos of those to show you as of yet.

Feedback from a customer, Nov. 13, 2014:

Hi Kim,
This is a follow-up message to say thank you for your very prompt shipping of my sax wall mount. It’s exactly what I wanted and at far less than the inflated British prices I’d have otherwise had to pay. I’m very pleased.
It’s been a pleasure doing business with you!
Thanks D.C.

And another response, Mar. 1st, 2016:

Hi Doctor Sax!
I installed my sax hanger and it’s great!  Now I feel safe leaving my 6M (1941, if you’re interested) out and ready for practice.  Nice product at a good price, and great service!  Thank you!


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