Selmer SBA Tenor Saxophone – s/n 43xxx (1950)


SOLD – Nov. 2017

Excellent Selmer Super Balanced Action tenor saxophone.

Made in 1950.  Great condition.

The Selmer Super Balanced Action established the design that set the standard for the modern saxophone. It was the first Selmer saxophone to have offset tone holes in the upper and lower stacks instead of all in a line like earlier saxes.  The lower stack keys were offset to the right, making the horn much more ergonomic. This may be one of the short bow, long bell SBA horns.

Looking at the serial numbers, at most, 20,000 of these were made.  One source I read said that only 3,000 were made.  No way to tell how many actually exist now, 50+ years later.

Players love this horn.

I replaced 4 or 5 pads to get it into good playing condition.

There is lacquer wear…I would call it 75% coverage, but let the photos be your guide.  There is a little corrosion…again check the photos.

There are only two physical issues that I have discovered.  One, there was a pickup port in the neck which has been removed.  There are several photos of that.  The other issue is that the three adjustment screws, one in each of the lower stack key feet, D, E and F.  These screws were removed from production in the later Mark VI saxes.

I’ve been experimenting with a new photography set-up since I moved my shop which is one reason why there are so many photos.

Great rich, full-sounding tenor.

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