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Bari and Tenor sax stands for players with bad backs and necks

First off….the formatting on the text here is terrible.  I apologize.  Don’t have the time to fix it. I get a fair number of inquiries from bari sax and tenor sax players with bad backs and bad necks looking for a stand they can use while playing. There are some tall tenor sax floor stands […]

Saxophone Neck Straps, Harnesses, etc. and Back Pain

Here is an e-mail exchange I had with someone who has experiencing back pain from playing sax: ======================================================== She asked: I was wondering if there is a stand that I can purchase that will hold my alto sax in a ready to play position…can’t do a neck strap and my harness is really starting to […]

Installing a pick-up port in an Otto Link HR Tenor Mouthpiece

Pick-ups are essentially a microphone fitted into an instrument. With the Selmer Varitone they drilled a hole in the neck and installed the pick-up in the neck.  Now…who wants a hole drilled in their sax neck?  Anybody? Makes more sense to me to drill the hole in a mouthpiece.  Probably not your favorite mouthpiece…save that […]