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Saxophone Neck Straps, Harnesses, etc. and Back Pain

Here is an e-mail exchange I had with someone who has experiencing back pain from playing sax: ======================================================== She asked: I was wondering if there is a stand that I can purchase that will hold my alto sax in a ready to play position…can’t do a neck strap and my harness is really starting to […]


It’s a beautiful Autumn day to have the front door to the shop propped open to get a little fresh air, but the dang squirrels keep coming in while I am in the back working on repairs. Lucky that the motion sensor that lets me know a customer has walked in is also triggered by […]

Yamaha YAS62 Alto Sax stolen….

….Madison, WI or Fitchburg, WI. The owner unfortunately had not recorded the serial number.  It is a very nice condition YAS-62 Yamaha Alto Sax. Couple of stickers on the case “WORT” and “Electric Spanking”, 3 mouthpieces, a mic…not much else to I.D. it by. Police have been notified and all the regular places, like pawn […]