Three Mouthpiece Cafe “Primo” Tenor Mpcs in stock: 7, 7* and 8

As of this writing (May 16, 2019) I have 3 Mpc Cafe Primo Tenor mpcs in stock.

I just got this 7 FACING ONE IN YESTERDAY.  Stk. No. TSM937 – 0.103″ tip opening, $175, used, excellent condition.

I also have:

TSM743 – 7* Facing – 0.107″ – $250 – New, direct from Mpc. Cafe

TSM925 – 8 Facing – 0.115″ Tip Opening – $195.00, used, excellent condition.

The Primo was modeled after one of the very best early 1970’s vintage Otto Link mouthpieces.  It has a beautiful balance of solid tenor core sound and projection/edge. The medium/large chamber with a pronounced rollover baffle allows it to project with very little effort.  High Quality hard rubber.

These Primos list $275 on the Mouthpiece Cafe website.  And often have a lead time of months after you order and pay.

Happy to take pix of the 7* and 8 if you want them.

You can order the 7 on my website.  It will take a while before I get the 7* and 8 on the website.  Drop me a line and I can e-mail you a PayPal invoice if you want them sooner, rather than later.